Thursday, March 3, 2011

a new PR (but not the type you think)

i did something yesterday that was a total first. a total milestone. totally awesome.

i opened my first investment account.

for some, this isn't terribly exciting or even worth the words. for me, however, it's like setting a PR. actually, it is a PR.

i was very fortunate to do, experience, learn and accomplish a lot in my 20s. but it came at a price. i didn't have the funds to go to grad school, complete two ironmans, run 19 marathons, travel a ton of places AND save. so, I made a choice.

when I turned 30 last august, I had zero in savings, but also nearly zero credit card debt (I still have loans from grad school, but these are an "investment"). so, I set out to abolish the remaining debt and save. and because I don't do much in my life without vigor, I went at it with all my heart.

i was frugal, often spending only $2-$3 per day. i packed my lunches. i rarely ate out. i avoided buying anything unnecessary or superfluous. i was a saving queen.

it wasn't easy. setbacks game in the form of surprises. doctor's bills. unexpected expenses. small splurges. but i kept my resolve.

i obviously knew how much debt I had left. and, i paid it off in november. (i will pay off an account in my name that's NOT my debt next month...this is an entire story in itself...)

as for savings, i had an approximate number i wanted to save before i could open an account. I charged ahead. head down, straight into the wind.

december (the holidays). january (deprivation). february (finally).

at the end of last month, i hit my goal. i was there. and man, did it feel good.

yesterday, i pulled the trigger and transfer my hard-saved money into the hands of a company the bf invests with (if he invests with them, it has to be good.)

today, i received an email confirming the creation of my account and a notice of my "transaction in process."

i did it. i am the proud, proud owner of an investment account and a new PR.

up next? topping it times two. look out world, i am a girl on a mission.


ultrarunnergirl said...

Awesome E! You are showing 2011 who's taking charge!

Erica Sara said...

Excellent & totally empowering :)

maura said...

congrats lady! that is a super PR. i opened a retirement account last year and it's been a DELIGHT watching that money grow.
hard work pays off.
(hope you treated yourself to something to celebrate!)