Monday, June 16, 2008

whoa, someone's been busy

yeah, can barely keep my head on straight.
so the bare schedules, weeks six and seven:

m run 11 miles
t run 5 miles AM
w swim PM
r ride 40 miles AM, run PM
f swim PM
s run: 4 miles easy
su RACE: harriman sprint, 1:41:41.41, 96th overall, 4th place f25-29
(swim) 16:08.9 (T1) 01:40.4 (bike) 1:02:10.10 (avg. spd) 15.4
(T2) 01:10.6 (run) 20:31.3 (pace) 06:50.4

m run 6.5 miles AM
t ride AM, run/XT PM
w swim PM
r ride AM, swim workout PM
f run AM, easy 4 miles
s BRICK: ride 60 miles, run 70 mins
su run: 12 miles, 1:34

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