Monday, December 28, 2009

tentative spring 2010 schedule

I've been meaning to map out my spring 2010 schedule for ages. this afternoon, I finally had a chance to take a tentative stab at the first six months of our new decade...lots going on:

24 January- NYRR Manhattan half-marathon: to get my groove back

21 March- NYC half-marathon: to race/run semi-speedy (not sure I'm ponying up the $ yet)

17 April- Asbury Park half-marathon: to defend my 2009 title! :)

2 May- Providence marathon: to do a 26.2 before IM (marathon #20!)

16 May- 70.3 Florida: to practice, practice, practice

6 June- Rev3 70.3 in Middlebury, CT: to kickoff the IM taper
27 June- Ironman Coeur d'Alene: to finish sub-12 hours!!!

revisions might be made, but right now this schedule is feeling "right" I just need to kick my training into high workout and swim this PM!


Thomas said...

Impressive and solid schedule. Happy training and best wishes to all your 2010 races!

Jordana - New York, NY said...

youre insane