Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the last 16 weeks. no wonder I'm tired.

as a writer, I'm well aware that one shouldn't lead with one's conclusion. but rules are made to be broken. thus, I'm breaking 'em.

conclusion: time to take time for life.

this really isn't a revelation. I've been saying this same thing for the last three years. but now I can finally make it happen.

so what has happened in the last 16 weeks that has left me feeling like running far, far away and/or hibernating for a month?

a lot.

august-- finished my MA thesis. traveled to portland for work. traveled to kentucky for pleasure. turned 29. completed my 5th half ironman (on VERY little training) in 5:49:00. celebrated a girlfriend's bachelorette party on LI (the vineyards).

september-- successfully defended my thesis. had some very unpleasant surgery. saw a really good friend get married (@IronKRan). ran a half marathon (grete's gallop). decided with the bf that we were moving in together for sure.

october-- ran another half marathon (staten island). ran the Nike Women's Marathon in SF (3:42, my eighteenth 26.2). did my longest run ever (31 miles). worked. worked. worked.

november-- ran another marathon (NYC), pacing my bf to a 14 minute PR (his time: 3:24, my nineteenth marathon). went to one of the weirdest weddings in the world. took up a second job: real estate broker (attempting to sublet my apartment). packed up my apartment in three days and moved everything downtown to bf's. drove to OH to see family & settle my cats into my father's house. ran my 1st ultramarathon (knickerbocker 60k) and finished in a respectable 5:38. went to another wedding the night of the ultra. helped the bf pack up his place. went to NJ for thanksgiving. cleaned. cleaned. cleaned. packed. packed. packed. moved into a beautiful new apartment with the most lovely man. CRASHED on the couch (where I was tempted to stay all day today...dammit work!).

did I miss anything? probably. do I look back on my fall fondly? definitely. I am also, however, fondly looking forward. next week the bf & I leave for 10 days in Argentina. I haven't had a vacation of this magnitude since...I was a child? needless to say, I'm ready for it.

it is time to relax. it is time to take time for life.


PunkRockRunner said...

Sounds like it's time for a little break. I would start with the entire month of December.

I always find it amazing how the faster runners can run a bunch of races literally back-to-back and still kick butt. I guess when your feet never touch the ground you don't fatigue like us mortals.

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

yay - you totally deserve that trip to argentina and some serious r&r!

looking forward to more group runs with you :)

Michelle said...

Hi Eissa,
It was really nice meeting you at the tweet up. I hope you have an incredible vacation in Argentina!! You so deserve it!!! Wow!! I am in awe!!!

Michelle/BklynRunner http://runningdowndreams.wordpress.com/

Quinto Sol said...

Hear, hear!!!