Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100% cheery

I've said it before and I'll said it again: my blog isn't always about happy go-lucky topics...but such is life...and that's what I write about a

that said, there are a lot of things in my life to be happy about, thankful for, appreciative without further ado and in no particular order, my 100% cheery list (this is for you amarathoner_com...and me):

-my handsome, sweet, caring boyfriend who is not only a great "roommate" but a great friend

-my curls...while I can make my hair pin straight, I love the freedom and wackiness of the curls I inherited from my mom

-my apartment (and building)'s a sanctuary...I am so very thankful to call it home

-my friends...they make me laugh, they listen to me rant, they all-around rock

-my Twitter friends...I could not be more thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know soooo many wonderful, wonderful people via Twitter...and then to meet & become friends with some of them "in real life"...with many more to meet in the future...thanks for inspiring me everyone! requires a lot of this...I'm thankful that I can—most often—let life ebb and flow while being patient until the still water comes

-smarts...I'm thankful that I've been gifted with good gray matter

-determination and perseverance...I've got a lot of both...I'm so thankful 'cause I need them both...a lot!

-a strong, healthy body...I swim, I bike, I run...a lot...sometimes all in one day...I'm so thankful to have the ability to do so...and do so well

-fleet feet (and legs)...I am so grateful for my running "talent"...for the opportunity to participate in and enjoy my "first love" as often as I can...and it's really cheap therapy!

-bourbon...I had to put this in here...such a great spirit (and spirit-uplifter)...must be consumed in moderation, however...and never while writing your MA thesis at 2AM in your bed (like last can probably guess what happened when I fell asleep holding the glass)

-my dad...even though he stresses me out and makes me worry about him endlessly, he's the best dad...EVER

-trying new things...this winter I learned to ski...and LOVE it...I will be out on the slopes early next winter

-being a budget superstar...NYC is not cheap...and neither are my new grad school repayment amounts...thus I've become a crazy budget-er...and I'm even starting to save some for an IRA (I know, I should have started awhile ago, but that's what you get for paying to acquire three higher ed degrees)

-a job...while my current pursuit is less than exciting, I have a job...a lot people do not...I am thankful (even when I bitch and moan)

-my 5'11" height...I love been tall despite the dumb comments people make when I wear heels (which I also love to do!)

-cheese...I'm sure my cholesterol is abnormally high for a skinny athlete because I truly do eat that much cheese (ANY type)

-support...from all sources in my all keep me strong!

I could go on and on and see, I have so very many things to be happy about and thankful for...this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg...thus to many more 100% cheery posts.


PunkRockRunner said...

A post so sweet it gave me a cavity.

My dentists thanks you.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Ha!! 100% cheery. More importantly, 100% real. Thank you for the shout out. From now and forever more, I will be your Interwebs positivity muse (although at some point we will meet in person ... Gotham is not that big). It helps us both. Like you can have a slight tendency to over think the "challenges" life presents us. Pushing (forcing!) the positivity button helps balance us out. ;-)

Enough of that ... keep kicking ass in your training!!!!

Lisa said...

what a great post! It's always better to focus on the good things in life and you seem to have quite a few!

Maria said...

Great post! Sometimes the smallest things make me the most happy - today is was the spring flowers in a community garden on the UWS fighting their way up through the ground.

New running shoes are also way up there on the cheery scale! :-)

baker said...

what about SPEED? you and Elyssa were ballin' though the half on sunday!

Im w you on the twitter thing too, getting to run into new friends before, during and after races is very nice.