Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am not a good cyclist. nor ever will be.

stop right there (for all who are ready to refute this post based on the title) and hear me out.

some are blessed with the ability to kick butt on two legs (me) and some are blessed with the ability to kick butt on two wheels (not me).

for the most part, I'm ok with this. I LOVEEEEE running (duh) and I wouldn't trade my love for it for anything. there are, however, times (say when I'm training for an Ironman, as in right now) that I just want to be a good cyclist. not just ok (which I am), but good.

I wrote a post several weeks back titled, "it's all about the bike. or is it?" if you read it, you know about my struggles with the bike. after penning that post, I sent my coach an email desperate for advice on how to get better on the bike. his response was as expected: time on the saddle. he also added the following:

"Don't compare your running skills to your biking skills, just not fair! You can become a better biker, but chances of being as good as you are a runner are not too optimistic...you need to be realistic and know that you are a runner -who needs to become strong on the bike-to kick butt when the run starts on IM day."

ok, I agree...I'm not going to ride like I run. ever. but still, it completely bums me out when I ride with my team and about the only butt-kicking I'm doing is on the uphills ('cause I'm light).

so once again I am adjusting my attitude. yes, I have to work a lot harder than others to even try to keep up, but I need to remember that at the end of the day, I'm doing this race for me.

thus from this day forth, I'm going to make IMCDA a personal celebration of all that I have accomplished in my nearly 30 years (in August!). no more bad attitude. no more being hard on myself. no more bellyaching. I am an Ironman and will be once again—regardless of time or place—on June 27th.

so here I come CDA...


PunkRockRunner said...

Considering that the only thing "light" about me is the type of syrup I put on my pancakes during training, I have trouble feeling sorry for you in any way.

I suspect that you're too hard on yourself and that you're a pretty good cyclist. That, coupled with being a really good swimmer and an amazing runner will result in an EPIC day on June 27th.

Whenever you get down just repeat after me "It could be worse, I could be Ron".

I can't wait to meet you in June and keep up the great work.

All the best,


dnorton said...

I'm in the same boat as you. In my last triathlon, I would work my way past several of the uber-pricey tri bikes on the uphills only to be zoomed past as soon as we started back down.

At least we know that a strong run leg can make up a lot of ground for a just decent bike.

baker said...

hmmm... i train on a track bike which seems to do the trick. you will crush on the run part so dont even worry! im weakest at the swim portion. i just cant get my speed up to par w my bike and run which is frustrating.

leo said...

careful how you compare yourself to "cyclist" there is a lot more to cycling than just pedaling. i happen to be horrible at most things, i do have great bike handling skills, and i am super strong. i kick butt on time trials and hill climbs. i don't do well on road races. i can't ride with groups, and drafting sucks. and i never seem to wear the right outfit. :) i think that you do well on climbs because you are strong and efficient, not because you are light. i've never done an iron man, but it seems to me that strength and efficiency is what matters most on the bike.


the ex-cyclist

Anonymous said...

...in your "nearly 30 years." oh sugar! Let's flip that around--you have so much time ahead of you to improve your cycling as much as you want.

Do keep in mind that speed is RELATIVE, PERSONAL, and ASPIRATIONAL (unless you are an elite athlete, then you are only as good as your last win).

But LUCKILY you are an athlete, faster than most and slower than some. You are an athlete because you love being an athlete; it's part of how you self-actualize. Just think: if you were a GREAT cyclist, what would there be to strive for? Haha!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about swimming. Loved your thoughts!