Wednesday, February 24, 2010

eleven things. the best pre-IM advice.

I had the above printout posted by my desk for the many months leading up to my first ironman. it stayed there well after my race (actually, until they moved me last week...over a year after my ironman). it's pretty much the best "advice" anyone gave me before IMFL (passed along by a teammate...I can't recall where he got it). I've re-posted it by my new desk, but wanted to share it with everyone.


Anonymous said...

Wow - is that list absolutely spot on. I'm still on the outside looking in as a marathoner hoping to become a triathlete - but it really resonated with me how similar that advice is for an endurance athlete.

Such a great reminder with Boston looming in 7 weeks. Thanks so much for sharing and getting me focused on what is important on a Friday!

Best from Austin, Joe

Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm obviously not looking at it from an Ironman perspective, *just* a marathoner (so far...), but I agree with Joe, that it's such accurate advice for any endurance athlete.