Tuesday, February 9, 2010

missing: motivation.

I can't deny it any longer: I'm REALLY having difficulty drawing much enthusiasm for my Ironman training.

I feel kind of sacrilegious writing that, but it's true; my motivation is lacking. I checked my Coeur d'Alene countdown on Facebook yesterday. it nearly made me cry. yes, I'm putting in the workouts. yes, I don't "super suck" at any of three disciplines (not that I excel at all of them). yes, I'm moving myself from the road to the trainer to the pool...but it's just not there this time around...the excitement.

I can pinpoint several things that are making it difficult during this go:

1. it's winter.
2. I hate the bloody trainer.
3. I have yet to have a single ride that has felt even remotely good.
4. have I mentioned I hate the bike?
5. I'm doing nearly all my training by myself.
6. I'm tired. I feel like my body hasn't fully recovered from my 3rd meeting with mono nor the b12 deficiency.
7. I just want to be running...fast.

blah, blah, blah...right? I wish I could just tell myself to suck it up...but I haven't found that meanie within me just yet.

right about now you might be wondering why in the world I signed up for IM #2. yeah, I am too. I guess I wanted to try my hand at the distance when I wasn't in grad school, working full-time and juggling a long distance relationship (that was a juggle). so I took the crazy leap (again) and paid my $576 to active.com last June. reality hit in December when the training plans started rolling into my inbox. 'shit, I've got train for this thing again!'

I know I won't regret my decision to go another 140.6 when I cross that absolutely wonderful finish line come June 27th, but on February 8th, I'm struggling. So, for now...come on motivation—I'm missing you madly!


PunkRockRunner said...

Pep Talk Time -

Every time you start to feel sorry for yourself just remember that somewhere in California is a guy in mid 40's who will be trying to make IMCDA his first ever Ironman.

Oh, and you can kick this guys ass in EVERY discipline AND this guy looks to you for inspiration.

Bottom line - Training alone can suck BUT I know that you'll do what it takes to kick ass in June.

You are a rock star!!

All the best,


baker said...

youve done this before- you can easily do it agin.
and you really have plenty of time to get in gear.
everyone is feeling this as its miserable out for athletes wanting to be outside all day training.

when i need some inspiration...

1- watch an Ironman Kona Championship. my favorite os 2004 as they end it w Explosions in the Sky and it just clicks.

2- you tube Julie Moss crawling over the finish.

Anonymous said...

Fact is that the "butt-kicking" that we are all searching for when we hit this point in training for a big event really has to be self-delivered. I try to treat the actual event as a celebration of all of the hard-work that went in to preparing.

For me it's about the journey not so much the destination - and although that finish line is pretty damn sweet - don't forget all the swims, rides and runs it took to get you there .... they are what make it truly special.

You are amazing and have climbed a lot of very hight mountains to this point in life - as PRR said it best - you're a rock star and provide inspiration for a lot of us.

Attack your next workout with passion and focus and this feeling will be gone before you know it.

If that doesn't work - put on those run shoes and kick some assphalt - sometimes it just feels good to "go fast" - might be the shock your body needs.

Best from Austin! Joe

Courtney said...

We should chat. I'm in the same boat as you! I need some serious motivation and this weather is zapping all of it right out of me. I can't lose the love this early in the season! I wish we had some sort of "winter camp" like some teams in a warm-weather location to really get me jazzed. Sigh...

Ian said...

Hey, there is no problem with being a bit down about winter training. Think bigger pic if you can, and of the amazing feeling you'll get when it's all over and anothe rone is in the bank. You're an inspiration to many including me. Keep going!

Psyche said...

Ha! I clicked on the comments for your post, and was about to say you should be looking forward to seeing PunkRockRunner at the race!

Hang in there. Do what you must, and your best is good enough.

P.S. I just found your blog, and have really enjoyed catching up with you. Looking forward to following your journey:)