Thursday, May 8, 2008

chainsaw massacre

oh yes, the joys of living in NYC.
whack, whack. clang. clamor.
whack. clack. hammer.

wait, am i dreaming?
two stories below me, a team of ConEd guys in full-fledge construction 2:15am!

normally, just a nuisance.
two days before your first half-ironman? a definite aggravation.
i contemplated shouting out the window. but didn't want to disturb anyone.
(not that they weren't already being disturbed by the racket!).
then i considered going out to chat with them. but figured:
1. they would either laugh at me OR 2. they would hit on me

ultimately, i grabbed my earplugs (thank you Air France!), threw a shirt over my eyes (because somehow, covering my eyes would help quiet the clamor) and prayed (well, not really) that I would fall back asleep quickly.

when i left early this AM for the airport (i'm in FLA now), i got a look at ConEd's amazing mid-night creation: a wooden box-like container hiding a "Caution: LIVE wire!". seriously? nope. I really wasn't dreaming

ah, life in NYC.

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