Thursday, May 1, 2008

one hundred eighty days.

november first two-thousand eight.
one hundred forty [point] two.
a little thing called ironman florida.

i honestly can't remember when i first started saying i wanted to do an ironman by thirty. it hardly matters now anyway. last fall i checked the box certifying my insanity, thus beginning my wild ride to panama city, florida and ironman florida 2008.

this week marks the "beginning" of my training. forget the last four months of swimming, biking and running. my coach informed me monday that the real work starts now. [have I been slacking?]

i actually kicked off training last saturday with a brick that, on paper, seemed like no big deal: 50 mile ride followed by a 50 min run. the catch? i had run the boston marathon just four days before [yes! four days before!] can you say feel the burn? i should admit here and now that of the three disciplines, cycling is my weakest link. thus, my trip to and from w 112 was um, a bit rough. no, I didn't crash and burn, but I wasn't getting pulled over for speeding. somehow though, i managed to hammer out the brick and then spend the next six hours plowing thru schoolwork [yes, along with a FT job, I'm also in grad school].
welcome to IM week one!

with one final project down and one to go, i sit here thursday night anticipating a trip home tomorrow [columbus] to celebrate my grandma's 88th bday only to return early sunday to fit in one last solid bike/swim before my first half iron next weekend in florida. why in the world am i doing a half iron during my 2nd week of training? give or take five reasons:

one. i'm nuts
two. why not?
three. because i can
four. good practice on the IMFL course
five. panama city's cool?

ok, enough talk about training and what not. highlights of the day? one, my yummy dinner [lunch leftovers...things always taste better reheated] and two...ah, my long-awaited, much-deserved mani-pedi...bliss!

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