Monday, May 12, 2008

did it (holy shit)

yep, that's right. first 1/2 iron in the books (and me in a wetsuit above).
the nitty gritty?
you got it:

Over Swim Bike Bike Run
Plc All Time Time Time Rate Time
=== ==== === ==== ==== ===== ====
25 669 6:00:56 41:28 3:14:57 17.2 1:56:37

the lowdown:
-swim: super choppy...gulched a ton of salt water, managed to stay calm, was pleased with my effort
-bike: loooong...first part, ok. aside from my burning hips (yes, the entire 56 miles)...second 1/3...still ok...hadn't hit the wind yet. last part: suck city. get me off this bike so I can stop being passed every other second (although I did manage to pass quite a few people!)
-run: ah yeah! my sport indeed, although my time sucked (I know...don't rub it in)

overall impression: hmm...not too bad.
best comment of the day: my sister, after the race: "ming, now double that."

yes, now double that. um yeah, give me 6 months (err, I mean a little less).

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