Saturday, May 17, 2008

nothing's gonna slow me down. oh no!

oh yes...
you see, i'm my own best friend and worst enemy.
most often, i don't "stop" until something stops me.
don't get me wrong...I know when to chill, take an easier day, kick back a little (read: a little), but if the world functioned with few hiccups, I'd just keep on training and racing and training and racing...and you get the point.

fortunately, fate steps in right when I need it and wham! whacks me to my sorry ass.

after the MOST crazy spring of my life (yes, I think I can truly say this)- 7.5 credit hours, TNT training captain, FT job, training for Boston, running Boston, getting swim and bike "fit", training for Gulf Coast, completing Gulf Coast- my body finally said mercy...thursday night after moving a very lightweight AC, i stood and nearly yelped aloud...uh oh, i said to my sister and three friends staying with me...i think i strained my back. whatever was my first thought. when i woke up friday morning, however, yeah another story...I was hurting.

anyone who has ever had back pains or strains knows how debilitating they can be. i'm a pretty tough cookie, yet mid-day yesterday i was ready to burst into tears. the good thing?
i'm smart, sensible and boy do i take action, so i hooked up with a chiropractor (thank you random dude i rode in the park with several months ago!), had a couple xrays, a little muscle stim and an adjustment, and then headed home (after a second chiro appt) to endure (in a little less pain).

i was a good sport too...i currently have four girls staying in my apt, but sucked it up and went out to dinner last night. this AM, i awoke to spectate the healthy kidney 10k (bizarre being on the sidelines) and then spent several hours trasping around manhattan. finally, here i on my back and random tv on the tele...

i'm not worried and yes, surprisingly lax...i'll be back in the saddle soon...

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